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Clamshells / Take Out


TreeSaver™ Clamshell & Take Out Boxes

Perfect for hot or cold entrees. Hinged lid great for quick serve. Microwave and oven-safe. Two types: clamshell and bio box with flat top for easy stacking.

8.5″ TreeSaver Clamshell: 300/case  –  Item #2K01UG0300-001
16 oz Treesaver Bio Box: 300/case  –  Item # 230003
32 oz Treesaver Bio Box: 200/case  –  Item # 230010
36 oz Treesaver Bio Box: 200/case  –  Item # 230017

TreeSaver™ Chicken Wing Take-out Bowl

Great for wings, appetizers and virtually any take-out item. Bake right in the box.

8″ TreeSaver Chicken Wing Box: 100 unit/case  –  Item #200141
8″ Clear Recycled PET Lid for TreeSaver Pizza & Chicken Wing Bowl: 200/case  –  Item #200158

6 x 16″ TreeSaver Pizza Slice Clamshell

Keeps slices hot and fresh. Fiber allows moisture to release, while still retaining heat.

6×16” Pizza Slice Clamshell: 200/case  –  Item #200405

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