Handles what you dish out.


  • Oven-safe to 425° F*
  • Microwavable
  • Oil-resistant
  • Freezer-safe
  • Suitable for hot liquids

*Product should not be placed in oven during preheating.


Turn up the heat on your competition by featuring your high quality food products in Ultra Green sustainable packaging. Designed specifically for the foodservice industry, our premium quality, eco-friendly packaging keeps salad bar items from seeping through, allows take ‘n bake pizzas to be baked in an oven-to-table pan, eliminates the risk of plastic contamination from microwaving, offers labor- and cost-savings for bakeries and much more. Compostable, durable and able to withstand heat, cold and liquids, Ultra Green sustainable packaging stands up to whatever you dish out.


Renewable Resources


Sustainable, start to finish.

Nine months versus twenty years. That’s the regrowth difference between the wheat straw, sugarcane and cornstarch used in our sustainable packaging and the time it takes for trees to mature. The plant-fibers we use are not only rapidly renewing and compostable, many are agricultural by-products that provide additional revenue streams for American farmers. Instead of using trees, our products start with the earth’s most renewable resources and finish by breaking down through composting to replenish the soil and repeat the cycle.



Custom Solutions



While we offer a comprehensive line of sustainable packaging solutions, some menu items require more than an off-the-shelf option. We’ve created unique packaging for industry leaders from upscale grocery chains to chef-made meal delivery services, and we can help you, too. Our innovative design team is at your service, bringing the expertise and ingenuity required to envision, mold and manufacture a custom packaging solution that’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective and the perfect fit for your foodservice operation. Looking for something special? Let’s talk.


Product Portfolio

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Go Ultra Green.

Our tree-free, plant-fiber packaging is 100% compostable and biodegrades in a commercial composter in 60-90 days. Our clear recycled PET lids are made from recycled water and soda bottles and are 100% recyclable. We’re certified: our plant-fiber products are ASTM 6868 certified, and all bio-plastic (PLA) products are ASTM 6400 certified. Product testing has shown our products to be gluten-free!

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