UltraGreen Sustainable Packaging & Products

Why Ultra Green

Ultra Green’s Commitment

We’re committed to developing better packaging that’s better for the environment. By working with Ultra Green, you help us:

  • Bring jobs back to America
  • Reduce the amount of plastic and paper in landfills
  • Replace plastic, foam and aluminum with an earth-friendly alternative to meet many state and local mandates in place
  • Lower the carbon footprint of our supply chain including reducing transportation emissions and the atmospheric impact of burning of wheat straw
  • Eliminate chemicals in manufacturing
  • Create an agricultural value-add product
  • Offer competitive pricing that’s on par with recycled paper products and in some instances even lower
  • Support American farmers and rural communities with another revenue stream
  • Reinvent the future of packaging
  • Provide a product that is biodegradable, compostable, bakeable, microwaveable and freezeable

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