Do you share our commitment to environmental sustainability?

Your customers do.

Our products are made from renewable resources and are certified compostable.

Show your customers you’re as committed to the environment as they are by offering your products in Ultra Green packaging. Our tree-free, plant-fiber products are made from rapidly renewable resources, including wheat straw, bagasse and other agriculture by-products, and they are produced in a chemical-free, zero-waste manner that minimizes the carbon footprint of our USA manufacturing facility.

Ultra Green food packaging products meet the composting standards set by American Society for Testing and Materials, breaking down within 60 – 90 days in municipal or industrial composting facilities. Our fiber products are ASTM 6868 certified, and our bio-plastic (PLA) products are ASTM 6400 certified.

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How do we improve the social sustainability of people and communities?

With USA-made products.

As the first sustainable food packaging company to open a USA-based manufacturing facility, Ultra Green allows you to support American manufacturing when you order our domestically made products.

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Ensuring you retain existing customers and attract new ones.

That’s customer sustainability.

Our high-performing, sustainable food packaging gets down to business.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality or performance and neither do your customers. Ultra Green brings you eco-friendly packaging that’s also business-smart. Our FDA-approved, premium quality packaging is oil-resistant, liquid-safe and sturdier than most sustainable food packaging options.

Even better, our sustainable food packaging products are microwaveable, freezer-safe and ovenable to 425° F, providing you and your customers with the most flexibility, durability and convenience.

When you combine the performance benefits of Ultra Green sustainable packaging with our competitive pricing, and the availability of 48-hour order turnarounds on established contracts, it’s easy to see how Ultra Green gets down to business to help grow yours.